Sep 062012

A wonderful gateway to health, growth and self-discovery.
Provides an aerobic, cardiovascular workout. Increase muscle strength and tone, weight reduction skeletal alignment, stress reduction, relaxation and harmony!
No extra equipment is needed – just your mind and your body
Yoga originated centuries ago in India. It has been tested for thousands of years and its methods of affecting body, mind and consciousness are well proven. It is a complete and effective method of realizing the highest in human potential. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union”. It has as it’s goal the evolution of the individual toward a higher state of being where one is fully unified in Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit.
Is Yoga a religion? No! Yoga is often mistakenly equated with Hinduism. Yoga actually predates Hinduism. It is a separate tradition of physical and psychological processes that lead to self-discovery. Yoga does not prescribe a particular set of religious beliefs at all. The practice of Yoga tends to enhance whatever traditions a person already worships. Yoga tends to build a strong sense of self through physical and emotional health and awareness. Religion can supplement that awareness with a feeling of being more connected to the world, thus providing a reason for being. In addition the mental concentration and steadiness provided by Yoga training help give a new meaning to old rituals by improving the mind’s ability to connect the symbol with the abstract idea that underlies it..